Disc Filtration

Disc filter for fine solids removal and product recovery. The Discfilter offers a large filter area in a small footprint. The compact design of the Discfilter makes this system a good choice for recirculation systems, effluent polishing of waste water, fine filtration of intake water or other applications where a space-saving filter with fine filter openings and larger filter area is required.

Woven filter media, with filter openings down to 10 microns, is bonded to the one-piece modular cassette ensuring optimum uniform media tension maximising filter media life and minimising the number of sealing joint interfaces.

Filtration Applications
Disc design is suitable for a variety of filtration applications such as:

  • wastewater final effluent polishing (tertiary filtration)
  • wastewater primary filtration
  • pre-treatment for MBR processes
  • intake and raw water filtration
  • algae removal
  • recycle and reuse water filtration
  • filtration of water for industrial process plants
  • pre-filtration before the sand filters
  • pre-treatment & protection filtration for membrane plants
  • water treatment in the paper and pulp
  • water treatment in fish farming (aquaculture)
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