Automatic Self-Cleaning Filter

Automatic Self-Cleaning Filters removes suspended solids, particulates, macro-organisms and other solid state contaminants thereby protecting industrial systems and equipment, modern agricultural irrigation systems, water systems, preventing mechanical corrosion which amortizes their investment cost in a short time. These are manufactured from stainless steel while all internal parts are manufactured of either plastic or non corrosive metals to ensure extended service life. The cylindrical body is designed to work up to 10 bars maximum working pressure, can be directly installed on to the pipelines. The coarse stainless steel screen and the fine stainless steel screen mounted in the body perform physical fine filtration from 3000 down to 15 microns, according to application. The back-flushing control unit installed on the filter body provides automatic self-cleaning of the filter by using the pressure of the water without requiring any additional energy.
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