Electrodialysis Reversal

Electrodialysis reversal is a water desalination process that uses membranes that are semi-permeable to ions based on their charge and uses electric current to reduce the ionic content of water. The electric current reduces the dissolve salt ions, flourides and sulfates in water. It is consist of two membranes which are layered alternately to have a flow channels between them wherein one of the membrane is permeable to cations and the other is permeable to anions. It undergoes periodic reversal of the polarity of the electrodes to reduce or prevent the scaling and fouling problems in the membranes.

Electrodialysis Reversal system gives high water recovery which only require few chemicals for pre-treatment. It has a long membrane life wherein the membranes are resistant to chlorine.

KEY Features:

  • Easy to control the salt removal through the adjustment in the electricity applied
  • Long membrane life
  • Membranes tolerant to disinfection
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