Ion Exchange Resins

Ion Exchange can be used in wastewater treatment plants to swap one ion for another for the purpose of demineralization. There are basically two types of ion exchange systems, one which is using the anion resins and another is the cation exchange resins. The materials can be further broken down to individual grouping depending on whether it is a strong base cation, weak acid cation, strong base anion, or weak base anion. Regardless of which type of exchangers, the resins can very sensitive to fouling caused by presence of organic matter in the untreated water. Thus it is imperative that before the influent undergoes the treatment process, another separate section is needed to remove most of the suspended solids and if possible the soluble organics as well so that it will put lesser loads towards the ion exchange unit.  

Highly porous anion exchangers with a high adsorption capacity can be used in a conventional train as polishing units or at the beginning of the train in order to protect the resins specifically used for demineralization. These anion resins directly adsorb the organic matter, which may be eluted by treatment with sodium chloride or caustic soda, or better yet, with a mixture of salt and caustic soda. With surface water, it is obviously better for demineralization to be preceded by well-controlled coagulation, settling, and filtration, which often makes it possible to remove 50 to 90% of soluble and colloidal
Organic matter.

SPECIAL APPLICATIONS: Water softening Process, Demineralization, Decolorizing, Exchange of one ion for another and Milk acidification etc.

Key features:

  • High Functionality
  • Long service life
  • Noiseless operations
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